NHS Orkney

Patient Information Leaflets


The following leaflets are available; just click any of the links below to access them. The categories are, as follows:


General Patient Information

The NHS and You

How to use the Health Service in Scotland

Making a complaint about the NHS 

When someone has died - information for relatives and friends

Confidentiality - it's your right (information for adults)

Confidentiality - your rights (information for under 16s)

Consent - it's your decision (information for adults)

Consent - your rights (information for under 16s)

Caring and consent - information for carers

Do Not Attempt Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation information (external link includes all current national documents)

How to see your health records

It’s okay to ask!

Primary care services (how to access the minor ailment and chronic medication services, free eye examinations, registering with a dentist)

New medicines in Scotland - who decides what the NHS can provide?

Advice and support for NHS users (Citizen's Advice Bureau)

Customer comments

Ethnicity monitoring


 Your Stay in Hospital 

Going to Hospital - Information for Patients and Visitors

Information for Visitors

Your emergency care summary

Welcome to the Maternity Unit booklet

Going Home (following childbirth in the Maternity Unit)

Maternity unit - welcome to the (department info leaflet)

DVT - see Health Problems Care and Treatment 

Protected mealtimes policy patient information

Protected mealtimes policy poster - generic

Protected mealtimes policy poster - Macmillan House

Smoking and you - information for smokers on emergency admission

Smoking, information on for patients and visitors


Infection Prevention & Control

 Healthcare Associated Infection Information for  the Public

How to collect a faecal specimen at home


Health Problems, Prevention, Care and Treatment 

Child Healthy Weight Programme Patient Information Leaflet
Circumcision and your child - information on Religious circumcision at NHS hospitals
Diabetes - Exams. Information for those undertaking academic exams
Do You Need Physiotherapy? (incorporates Physiotherapy Self-referral)
DVT information (external website)
DVT - discharge advice for patients following attendance with a possible clot in the leg (Deep Vein Thrombosis)
DVT - discharge advice for patients attending with suspected Deep Vein Thrombosis, but negative ultrasound
Dysarthia - a guide for patients and carers
Family Counterweight Programme Self Referral Form
Immunisations - Pre-school Jabs
Immunisations - routine childhood (chart)
Immunisations - routine childhood (poster)
Information for parents whose baby has died
IVF (assisted conception) eligibility
IV Iron treatment - Orkney Renal Unit
Jaundice - babies with
Lipid lowering advice sheet. Dietetics.
MS - basic information for patients diagonosed with multiple sclerosis
MS - contact details for people affected by, living in Orkney
MS - Living in Orkney with
Nasogastric tube - having a
Never shake a baby!
Neuro-physiotherapy service
Orkney Dialysis Unit - IV iron treatment
Orthopaedic triage
Paediatric Occupational Therapy - developing motor skills
Paediatric Occupational Therapy - information
PEG feeding tube - having a
Prelabour rupture of membranes - management of
Pre-school jabs - see immunisations
Soiling - Childhood Soiling - a helpful guide for parents and carers
Speech and language therapy information
Substance Misuse Service
Suction Termination of Pregnancy - advice following
Termination of Pregnancy
Tropicamide - (eye drops for screening)
Vitamin K - info for parents to be
Voice Care Advice
What to do if I fall? (poster)

Receiving Area

Ankle Sprains
Burn Injuries
Eye drops
Foreign body in the ear, nose or throat
Hand exercises
Head injuries - patient
Head injuries - for parent or carer

Day Surgery and Surgery 

Day surgery patient information leaflet
Barrett's oesophagus
Carpal tunnel release
Cataract Surgery
Colonic Polyp Removal
Colonoscopy with sedation
Diverticulitis and Diverticulosis
Dupuytren's contracture
Epidural injection
Eye surgery aftercare
Flexible sigmoidoscopy with sedation
Flexible sigmiodoscopy without sedation
Helicobacter pylori
Hernia operation 
Hiatus hernia (A5 version)
Irritable bowel syndrome
Knee arthroscopy
Laproscopic cholecystectomy
Laproscopic sterilisation
Middle ear suction (adult)
Middle ear suction (child)
Minor surgery
Pile banding
Pre-operative assessment patient information leaflet
Pre-operative medication. Important information for patients
Ulcerative colitis
Upper GI endoscopy
Upper GI endoscopy with throat spray
Varicose vein surgery 

Eye Clinic 

Eye Clinic Referral Leaflet

Intermediate Care Team

Intermediate Care Team Patient Information Leaflet
Intermediate Care Team Referral Leaflet


Dental emergencies - change of phone number
Dental helpline leaflet
Balfour oral surgery unit patient information leaflet
Garson dental clinic patient information leaflet
King street dental clinic patient information leaflet
Station dental clinic patient information leaflet
Instructions to patients following dental extractions - English language version
Instructions to patients following dental extractions - Polish language version
Denture care
Jaw muscle exercise
After excision of soft tissue under local anaesthetic (biopsy)
Dental care for people with special needs
Orthodontic retention
Relative analgesia for dental patients
Travel costs for dental patients

Entitlements to NHS Care for Overseas Visitors

Health care for people coming to Scotland to work

Health care for people coming to Scotland to study

Health care for asylum seekers and refuges in Scotland

Health care in Scotland for former UK residents now working abroad

Health care in Scotland for UK passport holders living abroad

Health care for UK pensioners visiting Scotland

Healthcare in Scotland for holidaymakers from abroad


Information for Children and Young People

Confidentiality - your rights (information for under 16s)

Consent - your rights (information for under 16s)

Have your say - your right to be heard