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Better Together Patient Experience Programme


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About Better Together

The Better Together Patient Experience Programme supports many of the themes in Better Health, Better Care, most particularly that of 'mutuality' which is the concept of patients and NHS staff being co-owners of NHS Scotland.  The Programme has been developed over 2008 and 2009. It will then run on an annual basis across Scotland. It is not intended that the programme will end, instead the programme will become part of the annual cycle of work undertaken by Health Boards.


Better Together is an innovative programme designed to support NHS Scotland to deliver high quality, equitable, patient-centered care. Over the next three years, the programme, in partnership with NHS Boards and national improvement programmes, will equip staff and patients with the tools and techniques to embed experience into the design and delivery of continuous quality improvement – making patient experience an integral part of NHS Scotland’s core business


Better Together recognises patients and carers as co-owners of NHS Scotland; as people with valuable experiences and insights to share. The programme collects their experiences, and those of Health Boards, using evidence-based approaches including surveys and focus groups. Identifying what’s important, what’s working and what isn’t will enable improvements through the use of practical techniques and tools to be developed for use across every Health Board.



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