NHS Orkney


NHS Orkney recognises that effective management of the procurement of goods and services is an important contributing factor in the delivery of cost effective, high quality patient care.
NHS Orkney Procurement provides help and advice on all aspects of buying goods or services for the organisation. We help select the best suppliers and achieve best overall value for money, whilst delivering the right product to the end user on time.
National Sourcing
NHS Scotland National Procurement provides centralised support, including contracting, warehousing and distribution enabling us to realise substantial economies of scale. We have signed-up to a Scotland-wide initiative to source centrally under nationally negotiated contracts and, wherever possible, consumables are delivered directly from the NHS Scotland National Distribution Centre.
We aim to purchase through nationally negotiated contracts wherever possible with commodities being obtained from the National Distribution Centre to take advantages of economies of scale and centralised warehousing and distribution.​​Information on doing business with the NHS in Scotland is provided in the National Procurement Supplier Guide.
Local Sourcing
In some instances it clearly provides better value, or is only possible to source goods or services locally. Where these purchases are of £3000-£49,999 in value, three quotations will be sought. There is no formal selection process for suppliers for quotations and we use the quick quotes service where applicable within Public Contracts Scotland to advertise these. Not all suppliers will receive a notification via the portal unless we have specifically targeted the suppliers for the quote.
For contracts or purchases of £50,000, NHS Orkney advertises contract opportunities above and below the EU thresholds on the Public Contracts Scotland Portal.
To register as a supplier on the Public Contracts Scotland website and be notified of any suitable contracts which you can then apply for, please follow the link Public Contracts Scotland Portal.
NHS Orkney buys goods and services in compliance with government policy and the relevant legislation. The procurement process complies with the NHS Orkney’s Standing Financial Instructions and the Public Procurement Regulations.
Notes to Suppliers
Whilst we are often already purchasing via established contracts; in the interests of promoting competition and encouraging efficiencies we welcome approaches from suppliers.
Should you wish to discuss the possibility of supplying NHS Orkney, in the first instance you should approach the Procurement Officer, Kirsty Francis, on 01856 888204 or email kirsty.francis@nhs.net.