NHS Orkney

Scottish Gluten Free Food Service

As of March 2014 NHS Orkney has introduced the new Scottish Gluten-free Food Service, an NHS service that allows patients who live in Scotland and have a confirmed diagnosis of coeliac disease and/or dermatitis herpetiformis to:
·        Order and receive gluten-free foods through a community pharmacy of their choice, without having to go through their GP for prescriptions as long as they are registered with a Scottish GP Practice.
·        Have more control over the amount and types of foods that can be ordered each month up to an agreed maximum unit amount.
Benefits to patients
·       They no longer have to contact their GP each time that a prescription is needed.
·        More control over the amounts and variety of foods that can ordered.
·        A food list allows patients to choose what they want so that they can try different food.
·        For adults, an annual coeliac disease health check will be offered by community pharmacists at registration to help to help monitor their condition.
·        GPs will inform eligible patients that they can use this service and will also let them know the maximum number of units that they can order each month.
·        The GP will give these patients a registration form that they will take to a pharmacy of their choice.
·        Patients can still receive prescriptions from their GP if they wish rather than using this service. Care Home patients are not eligible for the community pharmacy service.
·        Pharmacists will then register patients for the service and provide all the necessary information about how to access the food list and order forms.
The NHS Orkney list of prescribable gluten free foods, on the service and also the  patient order form and  a patient information leaflet are available via the links below :-
Prescribing List
Patient Order Form
Patient Information Leaflet
More information on the service is provided via the links below along with some background information on Coeliac Disease and Dermatitis Herpetiformis :-