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Health Improvement Team

The Health Promotion Team sits within the Public Health Department of NHS Orkney and the Teams key responsibilities are:
• Contributing to the overall picture of health and well-being in Orkney through local/
topic specific needs assessments and utilisation of national data.
• Development of healthy public policy – implementation of Equally Well, Joint Health Improvement Plan, topic specific strategy e.
g. sexual health, child healthy weight
• Develop, deliver and evaluate health programmes/
health education campaigns – Keep Well, Smoking Cessation Service, Health Information Campaigns, Health Promoting Health Service, Healthy Working Lives
• Developing health improvement capacity – training and development of staff, Elected members seminars, topic specific training
• Gathering, reviewing and translating what is effective into programmes to improve health – evaluation frameworks
The Health Promotion Team is based at
9 Victoria Street

KW15 1DN
01856 888084

Where can I obtain Health Information

The best place to find trustworthy health information is the NHS infom website.  Please click on the link below to go to the site.


If you unable to find the information you are looking for on NHS inform, or just want to speak to someone about improving your health, please contact the Health Promotion Team on 01856 888084. 

The Health Improvement Team also carries a small stock of leaflets on a range of Health Promotion Topics and these can be posted to you on request.  Please talk to our Admin & Info Assistant if you require further help.

Patient information

General patient Information, Your stay in hospital, Health problems, prevention care and treatment, day surgery and information for children and young people is availble from the Patient Information section.


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