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Public Health

What is Public Health?

The Public Health etc. (Scotland) Act 2008, places a duty on health boards and local authorities to promote and protect the health of the public. Public Health, in partnership with OIC Environmental Health Dept, is responsible for the surveillance, investigationand control of infectious disease and non-infectious environmental hazards. This service is available 365 daysper year 24 hours a day.


A Public Health On-Call Service operates between 5pm and 9am on weekdays, weekends and public holidays.
This service can be accessed by telephoning the main Balfour Hospital switchboard on 01856 888000 and asking for Public Health on-call

How do you contact the Department of Public Health?

Members of the Public Health Team are based in the Public Health Department, 9 Victoria Street, Kirkwall, KW15 1DN and during working hours can be contacted on 01856 888034.

&Who are the Public Health Personnel?

Dr Louise Wilson
Director of Public Health
01856 888083

Karen Spence
Senior Administrator
01856 888034

  Sarah Walker
Infection Control Nurse
01856 888916

What is the remit of the Public Health Department

• Monitoring the health status of the community and identify health needs
• The surveillance and control of infectious disease in Orkney.
• The identification and management of outbreaks in the community and the management of hospital outbreaks.
• Provision of ‘competent persons’ to undertake the functions set out in the Public Health Act
• Support and advice with regard to environmental hazards to the Local Authority, Emergency Services, Scottish Water, State Veterinary Service, and Primary Care.
• The provision of vaccination and immunisation information and advice to primary care and other health professionals.
• Implementation of national health screening programmes
• Participation in education of a wide range of professional groups.
• Public Health Policy
• Health Promotion
• Port Health
• Radiation Protection
• Emergency Planning

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